Featured Vendor :: Spin Alley Store

We had the good fortune to collaborate on a couple of styled shoots with Oscar Herrera, the founder of Miami’s Spin Alley Store.  Oscar’s passion for music lead him to acquire an exquisite collection of old time radios, record players, and phonographs. Spin Alley Store specializes in antique phonographs and radios from the early 1900s to the 1960s.  It is an amazing collection and we are thankful he decided to share it with us. Photography, swing dancing and oldies music are three of our favorite things and keep the good ole days alive in our hearts. We are so happy that these beauties are still around and we look forward to purchasing a couple of them real soon ;-)!  Spin Alley’s phonographs, radios and record players can not only add a sense of nostalgia to your home or your event, but the true beauty of these historic pieces is that they are all functioning and ready for your enjoyment. Please contact Spin Alley for more information and feel free to visit his website for a quick introduction video.  Thanks again Oscar, enjoy your slideshow!