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Hi there! We’re Tracey-Ann and Martin, wife and husband photography team, and we’re ready to capture the fun and romance of your wedding day. We’ve been documenting love stories for 14+ years (and happily married even longer!) and, along with beautiful photos, our intention is to infuse your day with pure joy!

Partners in life and business, we use our synchronicity to document your day and to capture those special candid moments that make your wedding unique.

Our packages always include engagement sessions and a gorgeous, keepsake photo album - because the before and after of your special day is important too, right?

And how did we become a photography team? Well, our journey together began with Martin pursuing a career in psychology, Tracey-Ann working as a real-life CSI, and then a photography workshop in Venice, Italy, that changed the course of our lives. 

Was it the magic of that romantic city? The thrill of travel? The joy of meeting new people? Whatever it was, we were hooked, and our passion for photography, and the thrill of capturing the joy and beauty of your wedding day was born. 



Wife & Husband Photography Team

Be clear about your personal preference when you look for a photographer, as there are lots of different styles of wedding photography - Editorial, Photojournalist, Fine Art, Classic, Dramatic, and Lifestyle which is what we consider ourselves. To learn more about our style and what makes us different, please contact us 


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Make sure you like your photographer as a person, and that your values align. Do we have the character and attitude that will make you feel at ease on your wedding day? Be sure to choose a photographer with your heart, as you’ll be spending much of your wedding day side by side, sharing your most personal moments.


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When reading reviews from past clients, look for comments that reflect a personal connection, not only photo quality? Photos are obviously super important, but so is your relationship with your photographer. Look for both in reviews


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Pay attention to professional attitude, appearance and demeanor. After all, your photographer is in charge of your most special memories and will be interacting with your closest family and friends throughout your wedding day.  Professionalism is the best way to secure your trust and put your mind at ease on your wedding day.


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Some photographers only shoot and deliver images, so your relationship ends on the day of your wedding. We recommend choosing a photographer that offers albums, because this means you’ll have a priceless keepsake - plus an ongoing relationship with your photographer.  We love to cover our clients in a blanket of care throughout the entire process.

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Fun + Love Vibes,

Martin became enamored with photography as well; he was ready to take it to the next level with me. 2005 marked our transition from film photography to the digital realm. The next milestone was in 2006. We both attended a life-changing photo retreat in Venice, Italy, led by Yervant, a world-renowned wedding photographer. It was the inspiration for new techniques and methods to capture more emotion, creatively. 

In the years of photography to follow, we discovered our true niche was lifestyle weddings and creative engagement sessions. Weddings are one of the most important, thrilling days of a person’s life. We are so honored to be part of the special moment that brings two families together - and starts a new one. It is our deepest joy to capture it. 

Well, that’s us. Now, we can’t wait to meet you!

Our love story and paths to becoming known as the fun photographers are not so different. We went to school together (Martin readily helping me carry art supplies cross campus). We even had a brief (though it felt like forever) long distance relationship while I was away studying photography at the Fashion Institute in New York City. In the meantime Martin continued pursuing his psychology degree. When I returned from NYC, a new chapter began. Hollywooooood. 

Martin helped run the family business, while I went real life CSI and worked as a Photo Lab Technician at the Police Department’s Crime Scene Unit. (So I’ve seen wild stuff. Let’s just say: I can be cool under pressure.) In between busy schedules and getting married in our diy wedding, we discovered the joy of swing dancing/The Lindy Hop. Throughout crime scene work, weddings and portrait photography were always a growing passion. 

One day, a conversation changed everything. After years of supporting my photography and creative talents, Martin suggested we take a leap of faith and trade crime scenes for love stories full- time. And, wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what happened. 

Happily Married.
Honest Story Tellers.
Fun Seekers.

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