Layken & Hayden :: Flights of Fancy

As we walked into Layken and Hayden’s rooms it became apparent that Cyndi (their mom) encourages the girls to dream and use their imagination to the fullest :-). Tracey-Ann was in a photographer’s prop heaven. There were wings, and crowns, and hats, and tutus. You name it, it was all there. Since Layken likes to paint Tracey-Ann came up with a cute way to hang a frame with glass for Layken to paint a masterpiece while we photographed her in their garden. Hayden wasn’t feeling well, but she managed to let her personality shine just enough for us to grab some sweet shots of her wearing her fancy things in her fancy room. Then we were off to the woods where fairies like to play. Gorgeous day. Gorgeous girls. Cyndi was a great help in finding the appropriate props and outfits. Please view their ultra cute slideshow at the end of this post. To view the full gallery please click on the shopping cart icon in the controls menu of the slideshow. Enjoy!