Natalie + Luis E-Session :: Dade-Christian School

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! We are back and this time with a super cute engagement session. One of the things we really enjoy about shooting weddings is hearing all the different love stories from our couples. Natalie and Luis have a very serendipitous story. They met and dated while they were attending Dade Christian School many years ago. Natalie moved away and they lost touch. Years passed by, but Luis often wondered about Natalie, and Natalie never forgot about Luis. Luis is now a firefighter and was never into social media or Facebook. Little did he know that Natalie would search his name from time to time hoping to find him again. Funny thing is that they had a lot of friends in common, but never crossed paths. It wasn’t until a friend opened a Facebook account for Luis, that he decided to take a chance and search for Natalie. Needless to say, he found her and it was the second chance they were both hoping for. We’ve only known them for a short while, but we get the strong impression that these two are truly meant to be and their relationship is truly blessed. It was kind of Dade Christian School to allow them to do their engagement session where they met over ten years ago. That’s just one of the many blessing they’ve had since they started planning their wedding. We really had a blast running around school taking pictures of you two love-birds. We were really impressed by your love and respect for each other and we can’t wait until your wedding day :-). Please view the slideshow below and click on the shopping cart on the slideshow controls to visit the full gallery.