Teri + Peter / Engagement Session

For this session we received inspiration from Peter’s interest in musical theater and Teri’s wish to shoot at a carnival. Tracey-Ann’s creative wheels were turning from the moment we left our first meeting with them. Before we were even booked, Tracey-Ann was brainstorming. Before I knew it, she had a sketch of the “Theatre in the Woods” she had envisioned. I must admit I was a little skeptical that we would get away with the theater curtains in the middle of a park. We set out to find the right fabric, the perfect park and the perfect set of trees. The only hiccup was the crazy wind and passing showers. We never accounted for the curtains wanting to set sail :-S. Thankfully, once Teri & Peter arrived, the wind settled down, the rain went away and it all came together splendidly. Thank you guys for being such great “actors”, even though we only asked you to play yourselves, he he! Enjoy your slideshow and images below. The full gallery will be available on Friday. To view the full gallery please click here.