Jialian + Jesey / Traditional Chinese Wedding/ Miami

Happy New Year Everyone!! This is our first blog entry for 2012 and we are so excited to be back in action ;-). For our first post of the year we are happy to share our first traditional Chinese wedding. How cool is that! Jialian and Jesey advised us that their wedding would be very traditional, but we never imagined how much fun that meant. We learned early in the day, that the game pretty much consisted of the girls having a lot of fun at the groomsmen’s expense. Their first task was to break Jesey into the house to find his bride. Jialian was behind four doors that he had to get through by any means necessary. The bridesmaids got really creative thinking of ways to make the guys work for the keys. That included lots of pushups, drinking a hot sauce concoction befitting of “Fear Factor”, singing a love song A Cappella, and reenacting the marriage proposal to the best man. The games were followed by tea ceremonies with their parents and the church ceremony. The reception party included a ten course dinner, that’s right, TEN, which was followed by more traditional games. These games involved blind folds, Jialian grabbing butts and moving a raw egg through Jesey’s pant leg without breaking it. To our amazement she actually did it. Hilarious. So if you see a picture with the bride in a compromising position, don’t worry, it was all part of the game. Enjoy the slideshow below. To view the full gallery please click here.