Heather + Davin :: Flamingo Gardens Engagement Session

With engagement session season in full swing, here is a lovely little session at the Flamingo Gardens. One of the reasons we love our profession, is it allows us to meet great couples at a wonderful time in their lives and join in on the fun. Which other job can you get a couple in love to take a day off, hang out with us at the park, and feed the flamingos. Engagement sessions for us are like double dates. Martin is usually the one making jokes and keeping things light, but Heather and Davin are a lot of fun to be around and Davin just cracks us up. The outtakes on this one was pretty extensive, thanks to Davin’s antics, lol! Thanks again for being so awesome! We can’t wait until your wedding day; less than 30 days away :-D! Please click on your slideshow below. To view the full gallery, please click HERE! Enjoy!!