Heather + Rob :: Steampunk // Love Through Time E-Session

Heather and Rob are fellow swing dancers (Lindy-hoppers) and close friends of ours, so we were super excited when we heard the news of their engagement. Heather like Tracey-Ann, loves to dress up and get into characters. On top of that, she is an extremely talented costume maker. Since we are swing dancers, vintage hair and outfits are an every day thing, but steampunk became part of our scene when Heather and Rob introduced it for this year’s annual dance weekend. We love shooting concepts and the Gold Coast Railroad Museum provided the perfect set. We knew Heather was going to be great, but Rob surprised us all. They both looked amazing and we are super excited to share our “Love Through Time” engagement session starting in the Victorian Steampunk Era and continuing on through present day. Please click on the shopping cart icon on the slideshow menu to view the full gallery or click HERE!. We can’t wait for their dancer’s wedding this October!!!