Dai + Hector Engagement Session :: Church Street, UCF (Orlando, FL)

Dai and Hector met each other at the University of Central Florida. The chance of them actually having a class together was very slim, considering their majors. But they did, and Hector “needed” to borrow Dai’s notes and the rest is history. We really had a great time shooting around downtown Orlando. We always welcome a change of venue, because working with new locations and lovely couples always inspires us :-)! This session marks a first for us, we were told to leave the premises twice and we were threatened with an Orlando Police call. Me, Tracey and Dai were all nervous, but it was Hector’s plan and he loved every minute of it. These two are very much in love and it really comes though in our images. Dai & Hector, we are so happy to be included in this very special event in your lives. We are so looking forward to your wedding next month at the Epic Hotel in Miami. Enjoy the slide show below and to view the full gallery, please click on the shopping cart icon at the bottom of the slideshow controls.

We snuck in the UCF library for these shots, and it became quite obvious that Dai spent a lot more time in the library than Hector did ;-).