Mari+Mandi / Miami Engagement Session

Once again we are blessed to have a really cute couple with really good hearts. You can tell after two minutes that Mari and Mandy are a perfect match. Such a lovely pair :-). Mandy is a Miami Firefighter, so we were able to get into his fire station and grab a few shots. The ironic thing is that this is not Mandy’s “home” station. His station had an electrical fire and they were reassigned to a few different fire houses, go figure. The guys at the station were very helpful and accommodating. Our second location was Jimbos in Virginia Key. Although we had to fight the rain, the light, and the mosquitos, you would never know it by looking at these guys. They were awesome. Thanks Mari for kissing in public, we know how you feel about PDA ;-). Please view the slideshow and images below, and feel free to leave a comment. The full gallery is now available here.