Melissa & Kevin/ Coral Gables E-Session

We love Coral Gables, it’s such a beautiful city. We spent a fun day hanging out there with Melissa and Kevin whose wedding is fast approaching on April 9th. We started the day driving around Coral Gables looking for cool spots. We found a little park that made for the perfect start. After that, we got to shoot at Melissa & Kevin’s favorite restaurant, which is actually where they went on their first date, awww!! Throughout the day we got to know these two a little bit more and we learned that Kevin is a HUGE Bob Marley fan, and that if you like Bob Marley, you’re ok in his eyes . Towards the end of their session, we wanted to make some images of them in front of the Miracle Theater to symbolize their enjoyment of film and theatre. We pulled up to some empty spots directly in front of the theatre. Our Honda Element was left running with Melissa inside so that she could change outfits. We were standing just 10 feet away checking out the upcoming show posters with Kevin, when Melissa called us on our mobil phone from inside the car to tell us that we just got a ticket on the windshield. We then noticed the Traffic Ninja walking away after delivering his $28 stealth strike. Unbelievable :-(. Except for that incident, it was a great day of hanging out and getting to know Melissa and Kevin. Thanks guys for an awesome afternoon and we can’t wait to see you on your wedding day . Click here to view the full gallery.

Coral Gables engagement session

Coral Gables, Engagement session