Kathya & Mike D.C. Engagement Session (Fairfax, VA)

When we met Kathya & Mike they had already planned to move to Fairfax, VA, even though they are having their wedding in Coral Gables this upcoming January 2011. From the moment they mentioned Virginia, Tracey & I began to wonder how cool it would be to travel to VA in the fall for an E-Session. Thankfully Kat & Mike had plenty of room in their home to host us, and what great hosts they were. Their guest room was cozy, they cooked for us, guided us to the cool things to do in D.C. and we simply just got along great. This is the beauty of working with good people. Prior to our trip we had only met Mike & Kat once or twice, yet once we got there it felt like we’d known each other for a while. We were excited to see them and couldn’t wait to plan our session. We managed to make it work even though they are both early risers, especially Mike who has ridiculous hours i.e. 4am compared to us, who sometimes go to sleep at 4am. The whole trip was a success we got to know Kat and Mike a little bit better and we learned that these two have the makings of an awesome married couple. Respect, lots of love, and patience, which is very important when you live in a three-story home and we forget things upstairs, right Mike? ;-). Enjoy your photographs guys and we hope to see you before the wedding, call us when you get here and we can go out for Sushi or Thai.   To view the full gallery, please follow this link http://photonotions.zenfolio.com/katmike_es.