Gaby O. Birthday shoot (Dominican Republic)

Last month we were booked to shoot a Super Quince birthday party in the Dominican Republic. Our birthday girl had big ideas for her shoot so her Mom Cristina decided to fly us down for the event. Gaby O. is a special kind of teenager, our kind of teenager. She’s fun and sweet, and she is all about fashion and all things vintage.  After our first meeting on the night of our arrival, we knew the next couple of days were going to be special.  Tracey and GabyO hit it off and they couldn’t stop sharing ideas.  The next couple of days included a lot of shooting, a little bit of sleep and some more shooting.  We promised GabyO a hand made sign-in book because of the lack of time between our shoot and the party.   So after our shoot we went to work on editing, enhancing, photoshopping and getting our first and only scrapbook-style sign in book ready.  The result was a one of a kind and very special Sing-In book (sample pics coming soon 😉  Thanks Gaby O. for being such an awesome model and a wonderful muse.  To view the full gallery please click this link: