Marsha & Sheldon Engagement Session

We had an immediate connection with Marsha from the first day we met her and her friend Tanya in our studio. During our meeting we learned that her wedding was only one month away and we needed to move fast. Although we weren’t able to meet Sheldon until the day of their engagement session, Marsha assured us that he loved to be photographed. Marsha was in fact, not a big fan of being photographed. After quick planning we decided to shoot at City Place in Palm Beach. Although Marsha kept reminding us how UN-photogenic she was during the ENTIRE session, we found no evidence of it while looking through the lens. We LOVE the way the session turned out. These two were naturals. After 18 years together, it was awesome to see that their love was still going strong and that they still really like each other, which is always the most important thing in a relationship. We’re so looking forward to their April 3rd wedding day. Enjoy the slideshow!