Marie & Eric’s Wedding

Marie & Eric are one of our sweetest couples.  Their love for each other was obvious and after having an awesome e-session in St. Augustine we were really looking forward to their wedding day.  Marie was the perfect example of an “AWESOME” bride.  She called me a week before the wedding and gave me the news that the church was not going to be ready on time due to renovations.  The ceremony would be held at the church gymnasium instead. Now I know many brides would have completely lost it, but these two knew what was really important.  I literally did not believe her when she told me, simply because she was so unaffected by it.  It is a beautiful thing to have clients like this, it is truly a blessing in this age of “bling” and material things.  This wedding turned out to be a ton of fun, especially with Eric and his brothers who are all comedians, and Marie’s huge family was ready to party.  Enjoy the slideshow below.  Full gallery will be available soon.

South Florida wedding photography